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About Us

About Us:

As Polat Giyim, we have been serving for more than 20 years in the retailing industry that we started. We have decided to continue our way by improving our business processes and changing our company name in order to make our company more corporate. We established the Avrupa Yakası Retailing Company on 25.11.2011.


Since this date, we have adopted the supply chain management system. By applying total quality management systems, we have continuously improved the time until the products are purchased from the manufacturers and delivered to our customers who are the end consumers. During the last seven years, we have opened 4 stores in the busiest locations of the city center. The change process we started with the philosophy of "best service at the cheapest price" made us unable to fit into its shell. Now in Samsun beyond being local firms all over Turkey at the beginning of 2017 the management board with the vision to provide services have decided to enter the e-commerce sector with the decision. Since we know how important the logistics part is in the e-commerce sector, we bought new warehouses for a year and started to install smart warehouse systems in these warehouses. Our aim was to provide uninterrupted and complete service to our customers from the moment we started selling on the internet. We have already made investments in 2018 as a result of We opened the service to provide services all over Turkey.