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3D Secure Shopping

What is 3D Secure?

It is a system developed to increase the security of online shopping with credit and debit cards. With these "secure virtual shopping" solutions developed by Visa and MasterCard, both cardholders and member businesses are secured against fraud. Online shopping made from virtual businesses with Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode logos are under the guarantee of Visa and MasterCard.


Why Is 3D Secure Safe?

In the 3D Secure system, during the virtual payment transaction, the bank asks the cardholder for a payment password known only to him and the identity of the card holder is verified. Unauthorized persons are prevented from using their cards on the internet.

How Does 3D Secure Work?

The cardholder registers his card to his bank via internet banking. It defines a password and a security question-answer linked to the card. The cardholder makes his shopping in the virtual workplace compatible with the system and proceeds to the payment section. A pop-up screen is opened by the bank asking for the transaction password and personal security message in front of the cardholder. The cardholder continues the process by entering his password. When the password is verified by the bank, the transaction is completed. The new way of shopping implements various security measures to make the shopping experience of all its members enjoyable as well as safe. Your kraedi card information is only used during the ordering process and is never stored in the database. Ensuring that your information is actually sent to, an SSL Certificate is used, which ensures the security of the information transmitted with 128 bit encryption.